DAY ONE: Tuesday 9 June 2020

8.30 Registration & Coffee
9.00 Welcome from Organisers
9.05 Introductory Remarks by Summit Chairman: Mini Grids’ Prospects in Electricity Access
Prof Abubakr S Bahaj, Head of Energy & Climate Change Division, University of Southampton and Chief Scientific Adviser, Southampton City, United Kingdom
9.10 Ministerial Keynote Address: Kenya Rural Electrisation Programme
9.30 KENYA: Reaching Universal Energy Access – Lessons from Kenya
10.00 TANZANIA: Mini Grids in Tanzania – Enabling Environment and Business Opportunities
10.30 Morning Refreshments & Networking
11.00 ETHIOPIA: Mini Grids Expansion Programme in Ethiopia – Scope and Update
11.30 ZAMBIA: Off-Grid Electricity Access Expansion Programs – Lessons from Zambia
12.00 NIGERIA: Off-Grid Electricity Access Expansion Programs – The Nigerian Model
12.30 Networking Luncheon
13.30 UGANDA: Status of Mini Grids Projects Being Planned and Key Challenges
14.00 GHANA: Scaling Mini Grids for Last Mile Electrification in Ghana – The Role of Policy and the Private Sector
14.30 RWANDA: Rural Electrification Strategy and Affordability Schemes
15.00 SIERRA LEONE: Market Update and Potential for Expansion
15.30 Afternoon Refreshments & Networking
16.00 Scaling-Up Finance for Mini Grids – Innovative Financing
- Structures and Key issues for Bringing Mini-Grids to Scale
Speakers from funding agencies – World Bank, Development Banks, DFID, United Nations agencies, etc – will debate opportunities and directions to 2030 full access and financing needs.
17.00 End of Day One

DAY TWO: Wednesday 10 June 2020

9.00 Chairman's Remarks
9.05 Getting to Scale: What it Will Take to Get to a Sector with More than 100,000 Connections per Developer
- Short Presentations of What is Happening and Where We are Going with Mini Grids
- New and Emerging Developments
10.30 Morning Refreshments & Networking
11.00 Presentations on Innovations, Overcoming Barriers and Experience from the Field
- Short Presentations on Current Research Innovations and Development
- New and Emerging Developments
12.30 Networking Luncheon
13.30 - Kenya KSOP Programme
- DFID Green Mini Grids Support Platforms
- GMG Facility Kenya – Progress and Lessons Learned
15.00 Afternoon Refreshments & Networking
15.30 PANEL DISCUSSION: Making Mini Grids Commercially Sustainable
- Regulatory Issues and Challenges
- Mini Grids when the National Grid Arrives
- Variations in Regulatory Systems
- Enablement and Otherwise of Mini Grids Deployment
17.00 Chairman’s Closing Remarks

DAY THREE: Thursday 11 June 2020

SITE VISIT (Optional): Oloika Solar Mini Grid Project in Kajiado County, Kenya
8.30 - 9.00 Briefing by Magenta Global and Proceed to Site Visit
14.30 Return to Hotel (arrival estimated 17.00)
DISCLAIMER: It may be necessary for reasons beyond the control of the organizers to alter the content and timing of the program or the identity of the speakers.
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