Issues to be addressed at this Event

  • Technological, Social, Economical and Environmental Drivers of Mini Grids:
    • A growing population aiming for middle class status leading to increasing energy consumption
    • Continued growth of mobile phone penetration
    • Improved RE technologies
    • Tariffs, pre-paids, smart meters and energy storage
    • Changing rainfall and drought patterns affecting hydropower and PV output
  • Analysing the different approaches to mini grids implementation and partnerships
  • Mini grid policies and regulation updates of African countries such as Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Namibia, Uganda and more
  • Advancing the use of Green Mini Grids in Africa
  • Avoiding stranded asset and managing investor risks when the grid arrives
  • Hybrid technologies integration plus the growing importance of energy storage in mini grids
  • Attracting big time investors and commercial end users to recharge the mini grids ecosystem
  • Pricing issues for Africa: Affordable Costs of Energy vs investor/business profits
  • Analysing value reflective tariffs
  • "Future proofing" mini grid projects through:
    • Identifying the most suitable and sustainable models
    • Capacity building for local communities
    • Quality and durable equipments
    • Accepts grid connection and scalability potential
  • Technical & Commercial Challenges for mini grids and rural electrification
  • Innovative concepts for off-grids implementation & access to credits
    • Advancing the Commercial Use of Mini Grids in mining, heavy industries, agriculture, farming and tourism
  • What can a regulator do to promote the commercial viability of mini-grids?
  • A risk benefit analysis of regulation vs deregulation for mini grid operators
  • Characteristics of a good regulation framework and approval system
  • Tariffs, incentives, subsidies, carbon credits and advance payments
  • Local content cost and benefit analysis
  • Strategies to move away from "charitable capital" to ensure a sustainable and reliable funding pool
  • Analysing the risk-returns and criteria of a mini-grid investment in terms of scalability, distribution challenges and market growth
  • Viable financing models and latest effective approaches
  • Overcoming a "pre-mature" market mentality landscape, little private sector involvement and lack of local lenders offering long tenor financing and feasible rates
  • Demystifying an immature investor universe and transaction advisory facilities
  • Creating the scalable operating model to ensure long term commercial viability for developers
  • Overcoming the scarcity of human capital and the viability of capacity building efforts
  • Risk management perspectives on tackling ground level issues on security, equipment theft, maintenance
  • Achieving the social licence to operate and getting the community buy-in to ensure smooth implementation
  • Strategies to emphasize social, health and environmental benefits to stakeholders to achieve economic benefits


The Summit will feature a gathering of government officials, project developers, utilities, investors, energy intensive industries or IPPs sharing their insights and experience in mini grid projects. This is an excellent opportunity for you and your company to showcase your thought leadership, targets and development plans to leading players in the region.

Do you have an interesting and enthusiastic presentation that you would like to share at this Summit?
    Please take into account the following issues for your presentation:
  • The content should make a bridge between technology/research and deployment including the potential business case
  • The maturity of the concept
  • Which problem/s do you solve?
  • Technological advancements with respect to the rest of the current market
  • Cooperation - technological-wise, business-wise, deployment-wise
  • Market/application potential.
Email with your presentation topic and abstract.

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